Care In Space Portfolio

Our strategic partners in pioneering Space Healthcare

Advanced TeleSensors

Advanced TeleSensors provides touchless, non-intrusive, continuous, real-time cardiac and respiration monitoring by using radar to sense the patient’s vital signs. Its main product, Cardio, continuously streams astronauts’ vitals for greater comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

Deep Space Biology

Deep Space Biology’s platform aims to accelerate the scientific discovery of unknown and unforeseen biological relationships that may aid or hinder human space exploration and develops products like Yotta, the 1st AI platform for space to reduce research discovery time from years to seconds as well as R&D costs extensively.


Myelin-H works on the development of Neuromorphic Software for Terrestrial Space Health. Its goal is to accelerate medical research on brain diseases and support hospitals and doctors by providing an intelligent processing engine to interpret complex bio signals and indicate the right treatment for patients.

Nano PharmaSolutions

Nano PharmaSolutions is improving drug solubility through Nano-Formulation. Nano PharmaSolutions’ Nano Transformer technology and equipment generates drug nanoparticles for solubility and bioavailability improvement of poorly soluble drugs using physical vapor deposition process.

ViBo Health

ViBo Health is designing personalized predictive healthcare using Smart Health Tracking. ViBo Health is democratizing Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) from a research clinical tool into a table-top multi-metabolite scanner to help patients track their health with actionable guidance provided on a dashboard.


Xtory is enhancing human performance through extended reality and interactive storytelling. The Xtory platform, which is dedicated towards professionals working in highly stressful, psychologically challenging environments like astronauts and clinicians, devises solutions for more efficient training using immersive stories and real-time decision support.