Our Mission

CIS works towards the inception of Space Healthcare and achievements in essential advancements for the benefit of interplanetary civilization

Building Global Space
Healthcare Ecosystem

We discover possibilities and pave the road for Space Healthcare
in unity with innovators, experts, and industries.

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Investing in Synergic

We strategically invest in space healthcare technologies
and support infrastructures to maximize synergy potentials.

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Expanding Business

We accelerate the growth of space commercialization
through strategic partnerships and cooperation.

Boryung is a healthcare investment company founded in 1957 and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Boryung dedicates its purpose to the progress of healthcare and investment by sharing ethos to build limitless opportunities. We intend to strengthen our earning power with aggressive investments and the facilitation of robust business growth. We will invest with a long-term perspective and solidify the trust of our partners through transparent and fair corporate activities, thereby becoming an irreplaceable, essential company for human health. Moreover, we will do our best to enable humans to perform freely in outer space, the stage of new opportunities for humanity. We also aim to become a global healthcare investment company, not by becoming content but continuously innovating.

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