Humans In Space Symposium

A call for innovative solutions and research on the challenge of human life in space and a grand gathering for key figures in the space industry and Humans In Space Challenge finalists to network and discover new findings.

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Interdisciplinary space event where the international space community-along with adjacent industries interested in pursuing an off-world future-come together to bring humankind closer to living and working in space.

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Space Ecosystem | Sustainability | Collaboration

We are proud to present a groundbreaking co-located event that brings together the best of two worlds: the Humans In Space Symposium and AIAA Ascend. This extraordinary gathering unites visionaries, experts, and enthusiasts from across the globe to explore and shape the future of humanity in space.

Through inspiring discussions, cutting-edge research, innovative technologies, and collaborative efforts, we aim to build a sustainable off-world future that will redefine our relationship with the cosmos.

Join us as we embark on this remarkable journey to unlock the potential of space exploration, foster innovative technologies, and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. Together, we will reach new heights and forge a path towards a prosperous and harmonious coexistence beyond our planet's boundaries.

Catch the Finalist Pitches of the HIS Challenge!

Prepare to be amazed as the exceptional minds of the Humans In Space Challenge Finalists take the spotlight at Ascend’s main stage! These visionary trailblazers will pitch their groundbreaking ideas on the main stage, capturing the attention of hundreds of industry leaders and esteemed space figures. As they showcase their innovative solutions and daring concepts, the world will witness the brilliance that will shape the future of space exploration and humanity in space.

Don't miss this extraordinary moment of inspiration and discovery as we celebrate the best and brightest in the realm of space innovation.

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About the Venue

We are thrilled to announce that our Humans In Space Symposium will be hosted at the prestigious Las Vegas Caesars Forum Convention Center.

With its expansive and flexible meeting spaces, cutting-edge facilities, and prime location on the iconic Las Vegas Strip, this world-class convention center offers everything we need to create an unforgettable experience for our attendees.

From the moment guests step foot inside, they will be immersed in an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication, surrounded by the city's vibrant energy. We can't wait to witness the magic unfold and see our attendees come together for a truly extraordinary occasion at the Caesars Forum Convention Center.

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Venue Addres

Caesars Forum - 3911 S Koval Ln
Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

  • Phone : 855-633-8238
  • Email : meet@caesars.com

Exclusive Hotel Rates

You’ll find access to exclusive Humans In Space and ASCEND hotel rates for attendees and government employees here.
our rates are available through 29 September 2023 and do not include taxes.

Flamingo Las Vegas, Harrah’s Las Vegas, and The LINQ Hotel + Experience are the official hotels for 2023 Humans In Space and ASCEND.
These hotels offer direct access to Caesars Forum, making it easy for you to relax or have a meeting between sessions.
We kindly ask that all attendees joining us in Las Vegas stay at these hotels.

For guests who prefer to make a reservation by phone, you may call the Reservation Center at 888-458-8471 and reference group name AIAA ASCEND 2023 and attendee group code SHAIA3 or government group code SHAIA3D. Note that an additional processing fee per reservation will be incurred for phone reservations.

Be Wary of Hotel Scams: AIAA conferences and forums have recently become the target of wholesaler companies trying to sell rooms for our events. If you receive a phone call offering to make your reservation and take credit card information over the phone or via email, we highly recommend that you do not use their services. You run the risk of arriving at the hotel and not having a reservation, or being unable to modify or cancel your reservation, and possibly compromising your credit card details. AIAA does not contract with any company to serve as our representative, room block representative or housing company. It is recommended that AIAA attendees follow the suggested channels for booking accommodation within the conference block by following the instructions on this page. If you receive solicitations from other companies, please forward them to AIAA.