Humans In Space

Global Space Healthcare Ecosystem

From our inaugural Care In Space Challenge, the Care In Space initiative is back with an even greater vision and scale together with Axiom Space and Aurelia Institute


A grand gathering for key figures in the space industry and Humans In Space Challenge finalists to network and discover new findings

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A Global Challenge calling for innovative solutions and research on the challenges of sustained human life on Earth and space

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Our Regional Partners

Through our regional partners across Europe and the Middle East, Humans In Space maintains a truly international reach,
fostering collaborations and knowledge exchange on a global scale.

Our Partners and Experts

Diverse pool of partners and experts from government, research, innovation, investment, and corporate sectors have joined us for Humans In Space. We will be exploring various opportunities and initiatives with them throughout the year.

※ Our experts are listed in alphabetical order
according to their respective affiliations.

Rebecca Waber

  • Executive Director, Strategy & Innovation, Commercial Product
  • Former Sr. Director, Commercial Insurance Product Innovation

Ariel Ekblaw

  • Founder and Director of the MIT Space Exploration Initiative, MIT Media Lab
  • Chief Executive Officer, Aurelia Institute

Lucie Low

  • Chief Scientist for Microgravity Research
  • Former Scientist at NASA-NIH

Anjali Gupta

  • Space entrepreneur and startup advisor
  • Former pharmaceutical drug discovery scientist & digital health innovator

Liz Warren

  • Director of Research Development for Orbital Reef
  • Expert on the effects of spaceflight on human physiology

Michelle Kydd Lee

  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Advisory Council Member, MIT Media Lab

Arun Sharma

  • Assistant Professor, Biodmedical Sciences
  • Research Scientist, Smidt Heart Institute

Monica Jain

  • Surgical Innovation Officer
  • Venture Partner at Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health

Dawn Bowles

  • Assistant Professor in Surgery
  • Expert in Molecular Biology and Medicine

Assaf Wise

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Former Board of Directors for The Gevasol Group

Zack Fagan

  • Co-founder & Partner
  • Co-founder of Initium Group

Solange Massa

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University of Nevada, Reno

Nicol Caplin

  • Exploration Scientist
  • Background in biological effects of ionising radiation

Tomomichi Fujita

  • Professor of Biological Sciences, Cell Structure and Function
  • Head of Plant Evolutionary and Developmental Biology

Tasneem Sharma

  • Assistant Professor of Ophthamology
  • Director of Diversity, Equity, and Justice

Deok-Ho Kim

  • Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Founding Director, Center for Microphysiological Systems

Soyeon Yi

  • The First Korean Astronaut
  • Managing Director, Business Development & Partnership, Noul Co., Ltd.

Alexander Chouker

  • Chair of Life and Physical Sciences at European Space Sciences Committee
  • Professor of Anesthesiology

Audrey Berthier

  • Executive Director
  • 22 years of expertise in Space Physiology and Medicine

Wissam Mansour

  • Founding Partner & CEO
  • Board Observer for Ceres Imaging

Sunny Bertsch

  • Business Development Expert
  • Industry leader in solutions for extreme environments in space

Mathias Basner

  • Professor of Psychiatry, Division of Sleep and Chronobiology
  • Director of Behavioral Regulation & Health Section, Department of Psychiatry

Junaid Mian

  • Pharmacist, Entrepreneur, Investor
  • Principal, Life Sciences

Marissa Rosenberg

  • Senior Medical Research Engineer at SpaceX
  • Senior Research Scientist in the Neuroscience Laboratory at NASA Johnson Space Center

Martina Truche

  • Entrepreneur, consultant, statup mentor & judge
  • Space medicine enthusiast w/STEM background & healthcare innovation experiences

Jacob Scoccimerra

  • Payload Expert - Independent
  • Former Program Manager, Nanoracks

James Hury

  • Deputy Director
  • Chief Innovation Officer

Jimmy Wu

  • Senior Biomedical Engineer
  • Instructor at Baylor College of Medicine Center

Rihana Bokhari

  • Deputy Chief Scientific Officer
  • Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine

Tarek Waked

  • Founding Partner
  • Former Lead Investor & Board Member of Space Forge

Charles Chiu

  • Professor Laboratory Medicine
  • Associate Director of the UCSF Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

David Marsh

  • Director, Space Station Strategy
  • Former Program Manager, Nanoracks

Cathy Yeung

  • Associate Professor of Pharmacy
  • Investigator at Kidney Research Institute, Division of Nephrology